Frequently Asked Questions

Shed FAQ’s

  1. Is it cheaper to have a standard size shed?
    No, standard size sheds aren’t necessarily cheaper. It all comes down to the materials used and exact specifications of your A quality shed supplier will be able to design the exact shed to suit your needs. This is a free service we provide to our clients.
  2. Do I need council approval to build a shed?
    Yes, you do. A quality shed supplier will look after this entire process, including concessions for builds outside of standard council requirements.
  3. Can I have air-conditioning for a gym or living area in any type of shed?
    Some sheds are more suited to air-conditioning for living purposes than others, we would advise that you speak to your shed supplier for expert advice.
  4. I want to keep my shed as cool as possible without air-con. What do I need?
    There're a couple of things to consider before you build your shed to ensure its cool and comfortable to work in. Firstly, think about how you position your shed on your block. More often than not, the breeze in Bundaberg is from the SE, so we would normally recommend having an opening on the SE and NW end of your Shed to create good airflow. In addition, we would also recommend getting your shed insulated, and/or using whirlybirds and windows to keep your shed as cool as possible.
  5. I want a cheap shed for my rental property. What should I consider?
    Think about what your renters would use the shed for / what would increase the rental value of your property. You might also want to consider what would be most valuable when you come to sell. Going slightly larger and better quality doesn’t need to blow your budget so ask your shed supplier for ideas.

4 top tips before you build your shed

  1. Consider what vehicle clearance you need
    Make sure you measure to the top of your caravan air-conditioning unit, or your 4WD roof racks. Do you need extra clearance so you can drive straight in with gear on top of your roof racks instead of having to unload first? For a centre console boat, you will need a higher clearance, roughly a 7m high shed.
  2. Carport size
    Always make sure that your carport is larger than the vehicle or item that you are storing to ensure adequate weather protection.
  3. Need multiple sheds?
    Think about combining them to save space and money. For example, we had a client that wanted three different sheds; a garage, garden shed and a hobby room. We were able to save our client space and money by combining these three into separate areas within the one large shed.
  4. Your shed doesn’t have to look like, well, just an ordinary shed
    Nowadays, there’s a variety of shed styles and looks to choose from. Let your shed supplier know what the purpose of your shed is and a quality supplier will be able to design your shed to suit your exact needs, and look its best. Consider eaves, a skillion roof, windows and colours – a shed that looks good and matches the design style and colours of your home will improve the resale value of your home.

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